About us

About us

Our Commitment

The whole team at TheWoman has been committed to helping people improve the quality of their lives with all-natural wellness supplements for more than 20 years.

At our core, we are true health nerds with a passion for discovering new ways to keep our bodies and minds in peak performance naturally. But one thing we’re not fans of— taking fistfuls of pills every day!

That’s why with every supplement we develop, we pack more health benefits into each serving than other leading brands. This means you get more benefits with fewer capsules to take.

We Take What We Make

Quality is critical to our operation. So is efficacy. That’s why we only make wellness supplements we take ourselves and are proud to share with family and friends. You can count on our entire line of products to be high-quality and super effective.

It’s Kind of Personal

The truth is, we never really intended to start a health supplement company. We were perfectly content with other pursuits. But, when a loved one was navigating some tricky health challenges and needed extra support, we were shocked by the lack of high-quality supplements available.

At that time, most supplements used low-quality ingredients and were backed by… questionable science. We knew better supplements were possible. So, we made them a reality.

Now TheWoman is a thriving wellness brand, helping lots of other people by supporting their optimal health with premium supplements.

The way we see it, Health, Energy, And Love are the essential ingredients for a healthy, happy life.

“This is the Mission Statement for Century Systems at TheWoman.com the epicenter of “Health, Energy, and Love” makers of The Cleaner and other fine natural health products sold in over 10,000 stores worldwide.


  1. Always remain financially viable.

We must make sound financial decisions to remain profitable to not only remain in business, but to prosper in business.


  1. Use no deception.

We must always be truthful, both inside the company and to our customers and never use deception for gain or other reasons.


  1. All products and actions must be beneficial.

Everything done at Century Systems must have an overall beneficial effect.


  1. We shall strive to have excellent customer service.

We shall strive to treat each customer relationship as we wish to be treated.


  1. We shall strive to be the best.

In products and service, no company shall offer a better product value.


  1. We shall strive to have the best environment.

We shall do our best to maintain a spirit of diligence, faithfulness, excellence, trust, peace, and harmony that shall transcend the office and spread to our personal relationships.


  1. We shall improve.

Each day, each week, each month, each quarter, each year, each decade we shall strive to be better than we were before.


  1. As we are blessed, we shall bless others.


Century Systems, 2022