Miracle Oil®

Miracle Oil®

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7 Rich Luxurious Oils and 13 Herbs

Miracle Oil® is super on ALL parts of your body.

"7 Wonders® Miracle Oil® works wonders. Miracle Oil is loaded with rich Olive Oil. Miracle Oil is expensively formulated. You will feel it’s luxurious satin texture on your skin. Miracle Oil is great for hair, skin, massages, cuticles, bath, scalp and as a hot oil treatment. Miracle Oil contains 13 Natural Herbal Extracts. Miracle Oil leaves a rich elegant feel and does a super job of lubricating and moisturizing. Try it and you’ll see why it is called... Miracle Oil®."

This one oil does it all!
1. Body Oil
2. Hot Oil
3. Bath Oil
4. Baby Oil
5. Tanning Oil
6. Massage Oil
7. Cuticle Oil