“When you need the power of Mother Nature”

Century Systems Inc. was founded in 1988. We specialize in natural products for the improvement and health of the body. We are concerned with both the inner and outer person – men and women. You can find Century Systems products in over 6,000 health food stores and sold by natural health professionals, or maybe, they will find you. All you have to do is to call The Woman at 1-800-The-Woman.

We believe that good and healing things are within the earth for our health, longevity and well-being. The more that man tampers with that which was created naturally, the more we deviate from that which is best. Our slogan, “The Power of Mother Nature” is a belief that within Mother Nature is not only the power to create and bring forth life but the power to restore.

Century Systems tries to bring you good products to bring you closer to the balance that nature intended. When you need the power of Mother Nature, call 1-800-The Woman, on the wire or on the web. She’s waiting on you.


My mom was taking this when she live in the LA area (purchased at The Vitamin Shoppe) but she has move to St. George Utah and cannot find it there. Do you have any store that sells in the that area? She tried another liquid vitamin and likes your better. I guess she could order from you but it would be better if she could pick it up locally. She has me taking it now and I am healthier and have not had one cold since taking this (4 months). I used to have frequent colds. Thanks! -- Sandra Bifolchi